As a master craftsman in joinery and manufacturing over the years, now, retired: I turned to woodturning as a hobby.

I produce beautiful pens from recycled woods, like, Ash, Applewood, Beech, Oak, Purple Wood and Walnut. From compliments from my family and friends admiration for my work I decided to set up Kilcrea Crafts.

All my pens are hand crafted, turned, polished with a passion. With their colour grain and texture no two pens are alike, which makes them a unique gift for any occasion.

They can also be engraved on request.

I also make beautiful bowls from various recycled woods which are also carefully handcrafted, turned and polished with pride, knowing that each piece of wood could have gone to landfill. So by producing all of these beautiful products we are all doing good for our environment.

Brian Cooper